{__The Eile Project__}


Practices and rituals of bordering and fictioning the border de-territorialise the spatio-political conditions of the borderlands. We are exploring the diverse and, at times, mysterious territories through which Eile roams to enter into and stimulate new configurations of space, social relations, matter, temporalities and human and non-human border actors. We develop site-specific but also pre-figurative spatial art practice as a way to intervene and to ask what new imaginaries of territories and borders might be made possible, and the questions and potentials that they raise for socio-spatial discourses.

Eile devises new rituals and interventions across vibrant territories including rivers, bridges, barracks, bogs, caves, fields and trenches. We are using layers of diverse media including digital images, animation, drawings and sound, new artworks and physical interventions. In the rituals and border-fictioning Eile enacts other cartographies of fragile border imaginaries.




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