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Border-fictioning is a key concept and artistic method for the Eile Project. As concept and method it might helpfully be located in contemporary art thinking which recognises arts potential to create new ways of being in the world through the mobilisation of difference materials and aesthetics.

This is a resistant form of fictioning through a spatial art practice that seeks therefore to intervene in both the discourses of urbanism and territory but also in transformative ways in physical, embodied and experiential terms (as Simon O'Sullivan says, fictioning might "impact on the real, change it, in some way.")* This is a way to move beyond the "territorial trap" that limits our experiences and imaginaries of the borderlands. Rather than comment on the notion of the border and territory, The Eile Project hopes to metamorphosise the borderland through a Deleuzian process of becoming-border. We seek to disrupt the border through diverse practices of bordering - "a vast array of affective and transformative material processes in which social and spatial orders and disorders are constantly reworked."**

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