{__The Eile Project__}


The Eile Project has developed as a series of Experiments that we have carried out over a period of years, some with and some without, our children.

Experiment #5

Slieve Rusheen / Becoming-Bog / August 2018

For the fifth experiment Eile spent time with Slieve Rusheen, a mountain which traverses the border between County Cavan in the Republic of Ireland and County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.

Experiment #4

Eile and the Lobster / June 2018

Intra-species / lobster / Beckett /

Experiment #3

Belleek & Loch Melvin / November 2017

In this Experiment, we created an audio-visual film, The Territories of Eile. We explored new regions of the borderland in Belleek and around Loch Melvin, and captured a series of Eile's bordering rituals.

Experiment #2

Near Kittyclogher / Easter school holiday, 2017

At a rural, riverside borderzone, where the border runs through the centre of the County River, we asked our children to imagine their own border fictions. Our 7 year old spoke of an underworld, beneath the river, and we made a portal through which to access it. Our 5 year old devised a border tower.

Experiment #1

Muff to Strabane / Summer 2011

Borderlines took place over the course of a single day. Paula, Sam, our 1 year old, 9 year old and 2 month old drove and walked over/across/to/between/beside/on top of/beyond/around/away from the border.

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