; a place, of their own.
is an experimental practice located in the discoveries and potentials that we find between contemporary art and spatial practice. We attempt to respond to the urgency, now, of searching for a different political praxis, to open up radical new imaginaries and subjectivities.
We operate in the spaces between location, collaboration and hyper-specificity, and aesthetic, pre-linguistic and abstract practice, to develop diverse, research-based interventions, films, performances, texts, drawings and digital works.

There are 2 main overlapping sites in which our work unfolds:

1} we seek to produce active, engaged works across complex contemporary spatial territories, acting within them with (the) other(s), to create new encounters, thinking, and relationships, through neighbourhood, city, edges and networks.

2} we are a family of six, 2 parents and 4 children; the family and the home are our shared aesthetic and spatial sites of the production of subjectivities, knowledges and relations.

In the context of the increasingly damaging impacts of many of the core markers of our time, our projects explore the transformative potential of art and spatial practice to suggest other worlds yet to become, from the challenging and overwhelming experiences of the world around us. They are thus becomings enacted by working-through with others, by asking questions, provoking dialogue and testing ideas, to try to prise the production of subjectivity and the radical imagination back from the grip of neoliberal forces.

We are Paula McCloskey and Sam Vardy.

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