Paying Attention

Paying Attention is concerned with those things which we know we should do differently, or better, but, do not. We are very busy, all of the time; and we are tired, most, if not all, of the time. Shopping and the things that it relates to (eating, cleaning, dressing, waste, etc.) press on regardless, and in this situation, we (my partner and I) buy the things that we need in the most economical way (time as much, if not more than, money). This means going to Tescos, H&M, buying from Unilever and other companies that pose problems for us. There is a disconnection (cognitive dissonance) between what we do and what we think, and this is uncomfortable. As we 'do family', in the context of contemporary markers such as global neoliberal capitalism, migration, technological development and a devastated environment, Paying Attention is a pause, before following a process of setting up encounters that allow us, as a family, to pay attention to our habits and rituals, in order to 'jump-start' our imagination of another way to live.