A Different Conversation

Start a different conversation emerged from a desire create a point of meeting with strangers to talk about child poverty. We developed the idea of setting up encounters, as a point where things happen, to spark a conversation, and also to have an exchange – of time, ideas, knowledge and gingerbread. Child poverty is on the rise with the continuing cuts in services and benefits to the most vulnerable families.

Paula, Sam, our 10 year old and 1 year old set up a stall filled with home-made gingerbread in the centre of Sheffield on a bitterly cold Saturday morning in January and offered it to passers by. Many offered money, many were intrigued and stopped to chat, others walked by or just took the gingerbread and walked on. For those who stopped for a chat we talked about our thoughts on child poverty in Sheffield and the UK and about a place of their own. We handed those who wanted it a gingerbread and a small ticket with more information about child poverty.