The Politics of Utopia

A radio piece as part of the Homelands art schedule that ran parallel to the Politics of Utopia conference at the University of Sheffield, November 2010:

Imagine a mass revolution across the world - every society changed, transformed for the better; the world is now your ideal world, the world you always wanted. We are now at the first year anniversary of the start of this new world.

I am from the local radio station and I am interviewing people about how things have changed. I would like to ask you a few questions about this wonderful new situation, broadly concerning how it is governed, how families get on, if there is poverty, or equality, or even money, if there is such a thing as capitalism, or fascism. And anything else that you would like to tell me...

a place of their own created a piece for a radio transmission. Using a recorded broadcast featuring multiple voices, responding to the above text the starting point for this piece was a desire to contemplate some of the inherent contradictions, dichotomies and paradoxes that are replete in discourses of utopia.

The 'transmission' strives to create an-other space to conjure up other possible worlds and/or ways of being. This 'text' will attempt to create a parallel space/place, and plays with ideas of imagined futurity (as potential) and of the possible present (the (in)controvertible 'now-ness' of the event).