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a place of their own is the art + spatial research practice of Paula McCloskey and Sam Vardy. Through art and spatial practice, we interrogate and propose within entanglements of climate, capital, technology and politics. We operate as a collective, a couple, with our children, and through collaborations with others.



A trans-disciplinary visual art and spatial research project that enacts an ecosophical spatial art practice to suggest alternative imaginaries and ontologies of the border. Building on diverse research from art practice (site-specific performance, film, sculpture), citizen activism, and critical spatial practices, through the project we are experimenting with a collaborative process, that we name ‘border-fictioning’, as an artistic method that engages human and non-human actors in reclaiming the subjective and embodied realm of the borderlands from the dominant sovereign 'trap' of nation-state defined borders, to enable new co-produced metamorphosed border-becomings. The Eile Project has included a wide range of activities, such as site-specific performances and installations, films, exhibitions, publications, and events.

The Territories of Eile