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a place of their own is the art + spatial research practice of Paula McCloskey and Sam Vardy. Through art and spatial practice, we interrogate and propose within entanglements of climate, capital, technology and politics. We operate as a collective, a couple, with our children, and through collaborations with others.

Myths for a Wetlands Imaginary

Walthamstow Wetlands

with Arts Catalyst 
for Waltham Forest Borough Council Art Assembly 2019

Over a 3-month residency we devised and delivered a series of events including site specific performances and digital mapping and storytelling workshops. A performance walk took participants through the wetlands at Walthamstow, folding in voices from other places and times. 
   A storytelling workshop allowed participants to write myths for a wetland elsewhere in the world, identified through the RAMSAR global wetlands database. 
Season Butler (writer)
Gary Stewart (sound artist Dubmorphology)
Dr Ian Crump (biodiversity officer)