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Eile Project

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Amid the Air and Earth

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a place of their own is the art + spatial research practice of Paula McCloskey and Sam Vardy. Through art and spatial practice, we interrogate and propose within entanglements of climate, capital, technology and politics. We operate as a collective, a couple, with our children, and through collaborations with others.


Amid the Air and Earth

AMID THE AIR AND EARTH is a platform by a place of their own to host our ongoing collaborative critical investigations into the geopolitical and colonial contexts of particular ecologies.

The platform website, is currently being developed in collaboration with Dorian Fraser-Moore of The Useful Arts, and will be launched in the summer of 2022. 

The platform reflects the transdisciplinary research and artistic + spatial propositions that have emerged from a series of collaborations with artists, researchers, groups and organisations in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, working between art, architecture, science and environmental justice.

The activities of AMID THE AIR AND EARTH experiment with creating new apparatuses that mobilise around :

Sites/Landscapes : situated, site specific projects, hyper-local investigations.
Counter-histories, potential histories, situating contemporary practices.
Narratives :
Revealing and generating stories, myth, fiction, site as co-existing stories.  
Knowledges :
Trans-disciplinary, local, scientific, cultural, aural, intergenerational.