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Borders Intro
Border-Fictions Special Issue 

Amid the Air and Earth

Amid the Air and Earth Intro
Atmospheric States
Stories of the Air / Spéirscéalta
Myths for a Wetlands Imaginary
Wet / Land / Dwellers


Geopower Intro
Self-Organisation Against Injustice

Kin Intro
Becoming Animal
Dolls Play

a place of their own is the art + spatial research practice of Paula McCloskey and Sam Vardy. Through art and spatial practice, we interrogate and propose within entanglements of climate, capital, technology and politics. We operate as a collective, a couple, with our children, and through collaborations with others.

Amid the Air and Earth 

Wet / Land / Dwellers

Shire Brook Valley / Woodhouse Washlands
with Arts Catalyst
for Emergent Ecoloigies 2021-22

At the border of Sheffield and Rotherham, directly east of Sheffield, lies an expansive, unpredictable and complex landscape; of the River Rother, Woodhouse Washlands, Beighton Marsh and the Shire Brook Valley. To the east the former agricultural lands still host farmland that creep towrds residential areas, and to the north, the site of the former Oregave Colliery / Coking Plant harbours traumatic stories as the site of the so-called ‘Battle of Orgreave’ during the 1984 miners strike (see Self-Organisation Against Injustice). 

We are beginning a new phase of Myths for a Wetlands Imaginary across this landscape, working with local communities including the Woodhouse Forum, Victoria Allotments, Sheffield Wildlife Trust, and council rangers. 

The project website is under construction. 
See summary here