Eile (meaning Other in Irish) explores the myriad of ways a speculative ecology might function to suggest and challenge notions of the nation-state border from the site of the UK border in Ireland. By imagining creatures, flora, fauna and folklore through practices of performance, film, sculpture, poetry and prose Eile explores imaginative spaces as a distinct form of fictioning, which we have called Border Fictioning. In so doing, Eile generates and suggests alternative imaginaries and ontologies of the border in Ireland. It centres on the titular figure Eile, who is imagined as an otherworldly creature of the border. Eile is a transmuter, a shapeshifter, who can take different forms  - a lobster, a banshee, a gush of wind – allowing them to move in and across the border through time and space.  


Territories of Eile
Eile / Lobster
Eile / Bog


Eile @ Bloc Projects, Sheffield, 2022