Amid the Air and Earth

The Samhail Collective

The Samhail (model, image or effigy) Collective is an art + science initiative exploring histories, politics and social practices of the air and atmosphere with communities. 

Through creative engagement we seek to co-develop understandings of abstract atmospheric data relating to the environment, climate + health; exploring the entanglement between the data and lived, embodied experiences, exploring how cultural practices manifest in diverse cultural contexts + socio-spatial settings.

We are indendent cultural organisation a place of their own (Ireland/UK); Dr Liz Coleman (NUI Galway/ Mace Head Atmospheric Centre); Dr Mairéad Hurley (TCD).  

We are passionate about valuing and bringing together existing local knowledge, history and experience through innovative interventions and participatory activities to create new spaces and dialogues around the climate crisis, the politics of space, and intergenerational engagement with science, art, ecology and urbanism.