Eile / Bog

Eile spent time with Slieve Rushen, a mountain which traverses the border between County Cavan in the Republic of Ireland and County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. The mountain is made up of grey limestone with a cap of sandstone and shale, and is extensively quarried by local mining companies.

Slieve Rushen is not only mountain, but bog. 
Eile’s ritual here; becoming-bog.

The bog surface is mostly covered with peat, pine forests and grazing fields. The mountain contains several caves and swallow-holes including Pollnagollum (Slieve Rushen) and Tory Hole. More recently it has become home to Slieve Rushen Wind Farm and is a protected area of the National Park.

Eile walked the mountain her feet touching the moist bog rich with decay organism, teeming with thousands year old life. Pushing her hands across the surface and caressing the delicate and fragile substance of this complex organism. In human-times gone by, bogs have been approached with suspicion and fear. They ingest the dead but leave imprints – haunting the future. Something is transmitted in the act of making from the debris of branches, rocks and leaves that litter the surface. The creek of the wind farm in the distance a reminder of more recent entanglements.


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